Is Your Indoor Air Safe?

Schedule indoor air quality testing in Santa Maria, CA

Breathing dirty indoor air can cause headaches, eye irritation, allergies and fatigue. Gas and chemical pollutants can cause cancer and other long-term health complications, as well.

Don’t panic—Seaside Air provides indoor air quality testing services in the Santa Maria, CA area. Hire us to run an indoor air quality diagnostic test for free after your HVAC installation or repair.

Our indoor air quality test searches for the presence of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and volatile organic compounds in your living space. It ensures your space’s temperature and humidity levels are safe, too.

Make sure your indoor air is safe and healthy. Choose Seaside Air to conduct your indoor air quality test.

5 benefits of installing UV lights

5 benefits of installing UV lights

Seaside Air handles UV light, humidifier and air filter installations in Santa Maria, CA and surrounding areas. Keep your indoor air clean by installing UV lights in your home or business.

UV lights can:

  1. Increase airflow
  2. Reduce allergens
  3. Remove volatile organic compounds
  4. Kill mold and bacteria
  5. Decrease energy costs
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