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Furnace Replacement/Installation

Natural Gas and Propane Furnace Replacement and Installation

Looking for a new furnace?
If so, you came to the right place! Seaside Air understands that investing in a new furnace is a big decision, and we want you to make the right choice! Our Comfort Advisors will guide you through the replacement process and help you select the right system to match your needs. From efficiency ratings up to 98.2% AFUE to modulating furnaces and variable speed blowers, there is much to consider when purchasing a furnace. We will help making your furnace replacement and installation decision easy.

It's all about comfort.
Just about any furnace can heat your home, but thanks to variable speed technology and multi-stage heating, you can now get more effective air circulation and furnace output that matches your level of comfort more efficiently and precisely. Here are two of the most important things you will need to decide:

  • Choose from Single Stage Heating (on or off), Two Stage Heating or Modulating Heating (amount of heat provided goes up in 1 percent increments) to increase the comfort in your home. A two-stage or modulating furnace will not only have longer run times to make you more comfortable, it will also cost you less to operate.
  • Choose from a PSC motor (uses as much energy as (5) 100 watt light bulbs), X-13 ECM (uses as much energy as (2) 100 watt light bulbs, or Variable ECM (uses as much energy as a single 100 watt light bulb). By running a variable speed ECM motor all the time, you will not only continuously filter and clean the air, you will help even out hot and cold spots in your home.

Call us today at 805-623-2810 to schedule a no-hassle price quote! It is all part of Seaside Air's devotion to customer service. Your comfort and happiness are our first priority.